Personal Habits: How To Make Good Habits Stick, 6 Proven Secrets

Personal Habits: How To Make Good Habits Stick, 6 Proven Secrets:

Sum Up

Here’s what the research says builds good habits:

  • Start with “Keystone Habits”: It’s like three good habits for the price of one. Get to the gym.
  • Use “Minimum Viable Effort”: Floss one tooth. It’s that simple.
  • Make a plan: Like the A-Team. Think through the details and write them down.
  • Give yourself rewards: Tie a “want” to a “should.”
  • Use reminders: Mark the calendar. Set the alarm. Use a checklist.
  • Get help from friends: Peer pressure rocks. Hang out with pals who have the habit you want.
  • If you screw up, forgive yourself and try again. Blaming yourself reduces self-control. Showing self-compassion increases it.

1) Start With “Keystone Habits”

  • Exercise is a “keystone” habit which triggers positive changes in other unrelated areas of your life 
  • Anything can become a keystone habit if it has this power to make you see yourself in a different way.So start with a habit that makes you see yourself as the kind of person you want to be.

2) Use “Minimum Viable Effort”

  • The key to new good habits is to do the minimum and be consistent

3) Make A Plan

  • Create a simple plan for how to get your job done. Thinking about the details makes you more likely to follow through 
  • Writing down your plan is an active way of strengthening your commitment to it 

4) Reward Yourself

  • Tie a “want” to a “should.” (If-then for bad habits) Ie: you want to watch a particular movie? Only watch them at the gym. When you do what you’re supposed to, you get the treat.

5) Use Reminders

  • With bad habits, you resist. With good habits, you remind.
  • The best way to use reminders? Have a checklist

6) Get Help From Friends

  • Surround yourself with people/friends with good habits 
  • When you are trying to change a habit, you have to believe deep down that change is possible (internal locus of control) 

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