How to find your dream job, reach any goal and “figure it all out”


surprising how much this analogy shows up in coaching calls, but I find that
it’s a recurring theme.

you’re coming home from the bar stone-drunk.

completely shitfaced.

And you
know that moment where you’re trying to go up the stairs, but since the lights
are off and its night, you’re trying to be quiet, so you don’t turn on all the

Or maybe
you’re just so drunk you can’t wait until you sleep.

In any
case, you whip out your phone flashlight, and you turn it on, “Shit. I
can’t see a damn thing.”

stumble up the first step, and then you see the next one, so you stumble up
that one too.

Then you
see the third, and stumble up there.

you get to bed, pass out, and regret it the next day.

So many
of us can’t see the entire staircase- the goal, the action step, the entire
path – so we never act at all. We might be interested in art but aren’t sure
100% what the end goal looks like, so we don’t act
at all.

This is

reality, most successful people you know started taking those drunken steps
before they ever knew where they wanted to be as their “end game.”

In other
words, the people that make the most progress towards their dream job or life
are the ones that step without being able to
see the whole staircase.

So it’s
often more important to
take any step, one
that is calling to you in a small way, rather than waiting for that big
thunderbolt from God.

my son… here is your calling, and a beer.”

would’ve been awesome).

It rarely
happens like that though.

YOU need
to take a step – any step – before you can see the rest of the staircase. SO
it’s often once you start stepping that you begin to see the rest of the pieces
towards your dream career.

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