How anyone can become a guru/famous


One thing that comes up a lot is the fact that people often don’t take action until they think they know the right path – 100%.

Or we don’t take action because we think other people are special, but we aren’t.

Or we think that the guru, author, traveler, or blogger is somehow special, and again, we aren’t.

Question for you:

When does a pro writer became a famous author?

When I wrote my first book, there were all these people telling me they wanted to write a book, but guess what?

Writers actually fucking write.

When does a blog author become an expert?

No clue, but I’ve been introduced as an expert multiple times.

When does a “big name” become a big name? The first time they’re on a stage? or the 30th?

The reality is that we’re all gurus in the making – some people just believe it, and take the action to become one, rather than stomp that inner dream out due to perfectionism or fear.

Which one are you going to be?


There’s a story about either Carnegie or Ford (can’t remember), who was brought up and underwent questioning and was quizzed on some basic school questions, some of which were basic, some of which were not (typical history school questions).

The person essentially wanted to prove he was an idiot.

And after getting tired of getting questioned he asked the judge what the point of it all was.

“Why should I have to remember this generic information?”

“With the push of a button, I can have the best mathemeticians, scientists, and engineers answer any question I want.”

He went on to build one of the greatest empires, and is a name we still remember.

I used to think I had to know everything, figure it all out, or see the entire path before taking a step, but this story taught me two things.

A. I need to surrounded myself with A players, and most people just aren’t A players
B. It’s more important to take imperfect action, then it is to stall and wait for perfect action
This is kind of how masterminds work too – the reason why I’m still in multiple masterminds (multiple years later) is this exact reason.The power to get answers to any question – with different angles that you could’ve never seen.The power of getting stuck in the same dead end search for a job, career, or a business idea (or plan) – and then getting out of a rut in ONE conversation.That’s the power of getting out of your own head and getting multiple brains together.The syngery and vortex that happens is absurd.What can you takeaway here and start applying today?

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