Don’t be a slave to mediocrity

Don’t be mediocre just cause it’s convenient

Why do people love shitting on your dreams?

  1. Fear of the Unknown
  2. They feel like they have to question deeply seated assumptions or previously held beliefs
  3. They feel threatened (because of #2)
  4. Cultural Inoculation

Downers will try to prevent you from getting what you want to achieve because they are  envious and afraid that you may get an opportunity they never had.  **Learn to spot genuine-in-the-interests-of-your-well-being advice vs. pure envy.  Friends and family are not always your best advisors.

Ignore them average joes:

  1. Challenge Conventional Wisdom by walking your talk, since the motto tends to be “do as I say, not as I do.” (Who the hell came up with that anyway?)
  2. ***Never assume because you haven’t done something before, or nobody you known has done something like it before, that you can’t do it
  3. The real world is full of downers who want to live their dreams as badly as you do, but are chained by their minds and how they’ve been inoculated by society.  Don’t get offended when they criticize or doubt you, and don’t get angry when they call you a “fool” or “dreamer.”  Pity them, because they are giving up everything to live someone else’s dream.  They are enslaved.

Don’t be a mediocre mind that is a parasite and dead weight to others around you.  If your kids or friends are big dreamers, put your feet up on the counter with a coffee and talk some time.  Almost everyone has an obvious childhood dream, and  almost everyone has been taught to keep quiet about such “childish things.”


Don’t let others violate the sanctity of your own mind.  It’s a sneaky little virus that creeps into the minds of almost everyone, until one day you find yourself as the debbie downer of the group telling people to “be realistic” and “keep dreaming.”

It is no coincidence that dreamers inspire people to push themselves and others further, while the other 99% of humanity pull people down and give them reasons to be afraid or doubt themselves.  These two mindsets are almost in direct contrast with one another.

Think about that.

Mediocrity is an excuse to be a coward because you don’t have the balls to go for what you really want.

Keep your head in the clouds, but your feet on the ground.

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