Creating a conversation-worthy life

Rules for creating a conversation-worthy life

  • Story-telling: Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions of humanity.  It is an incredibly powerful way to captivate people and want to have them hear more from you.  Jot down a couple of your best memories or stories and pass them on at social gatherings.
  • Do something you enjoy. If there is nothing special in your life — your job, your girlfriend, your aspirations, your day to day schedule, your hobbies… then you obviously have nothing to talk about.That makes it pretty hard to to stimulate conversation.
  • Learn to speak to the inner child. If you ask them about their original dreams, their singular purpose and passion in life, you’ll begin to see a spark in their eye you may never have seen before.
  • Do something incredible, stand for something incredible, or challenge something incredible
  • Be really, really useful to others.  So one of the key ways to be remarkably unique is, in the midst of fame, never to forget about the small guy.
  • If you aren’t inherently memorable, hang out with memorable people. However, hanging around people often lets you bring out stories you may never knew you had, goals people never knew about, or re-kindle old hobbies.  Everyone has gems you never knew about before.
  • Read as much as you can, about everything.  There is something really qualitatively different about talking to someone who reads a lot. I’m not necessarily talking about news, although that counts, but information.  Someone who is varied in their interests: a reader of philosophy, fiction, business, kung fu, tea. (agreed)
  • Do first, share later, and never reveal all your secrets. Amazing! It’s not news to anyone that people who walk their talk command way more respect than most other people.  And the walk does the talking for you.So what about your secrets? It works the same way as intrigue in dating.  Never let everyone get all your goods at the start, keep them guessing and you’ll have a clinger.  Be mysterious or deliberately vague.  Frustrate people but be playful.
  • Be diversified and a connector. Varied hobbies, pursuits, and locales they frequent.Be varied.  It’s better for you, your ability to be conversation-worthy, and for your ability to break free from boredom.
  • Be playful.  Playful people are more fun, more adventurous, more spontaneous, more varied, more open to change, more willing to laugh, more likely to try new things.
  • Have a sales pitch in life < your story >.  People like stories.  But even more, we like the justification behind things, especially if it’s a story because it makes us seem human.
  • Have a code of honor.  It reinforces to others that you have principles your life is based upon.  It shows that you have your head together.  And it makes you seem like a badass.  You are respectable.
  • Get your shit straight (Be a simple [wo]man). Always try to be a better person: more cultivated, stronger, wiser, more business-smart, more generous, more passionate, more willing to help others. Also try to be less: simplify your life in the truest sense possible.  Narrow your life purpose to just three things. A hobby, your passion/work, and your family. Be large in your thinking but small in your desire.Know what you want every day of your life.  If one day you wake up and things feel off, change it.  Ever met someone who always knows exactly what they want from life?The whole universe makes way for that person.

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