As we focus on our goals and problems, it’s all too easy to become numb to the joys of daily life. We lose the single-minded focus of a child simply enjoying an ice-cream cone by the pool on a hot summer day.

Savoring is a technique from positive pscyhology that’s been proven to increase happiness and life-satisfaction. (And, for you success-minded individuals, who are probably in special need of savoring, remember that anything that increases happiness also makes your brain more productive, resilient, creative and better at problem solving.)

As you train your brain to focus on daily pleasures by repeating this exercise, you allow yourself to enjoy your life more, you become happier and you bring an infectious positive spirit to everything you do.


Set aside 10 minutes for an activity you enjoy. It could be a favorite food, a cup of coffee, a hot shower or a walk outside. Put your phone on silent and remove all other distractions so that you can focus totally on the experience.

Bring your attention to your senses. How many different sensations can you detect? Note in as much detail as possible the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of the experience.

Then write a short paragraph below as if you were selling the experience to someone else, enticing them to give it a try. Use vivid language and imagery in your description.


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