How to organize your mind –

#1: Tame your Frenzy. All that stress/negative emotions and thoughts in your head – try to get a grip on it. Manage it well. Sleep well, meditate, whatever works for you best.

#2: Sustain your Focus. One thing at a time. Do not multi-task. Turn off all distractions – phone, email, notifications etc.

#3: Apply the brakes. “Distractions are inevitable if you are human. Rather than mindlessly succumb to a distraction while in the midst of an important task (including health-giving activities such as exercising, cooking a healthy meal or relaxing), stop, breathe and consider whether the distraction is urgent enough to trump the current priority.If not, bring your attention back to the important task until it is time to take a brain break to recharge your brain’s batteries, or move to a new task.”

#4: Access your working memory. The same strategies that work for #1 will work here too, helping to clear your mind.

#5: Shift sets. “Now it’s time to move your focus to a new task. Move all of your attention fully to the next task and give it your undivided attention. This brain skill, called “set-shifting,” allows you to leave behind one task and leap to a new one with a fresh and productive focus.” (This is how people who in very high-task, high-stress environments cope. ie: Country Presidents, CEOs etc. Do what you need to regardless of how you feel).
How to organize your mind –

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