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my notes vary depending on the subject that i’m studying, but here’s how my method of taking written notes!


i don’t like a lot of color ;; an excess of color is like looking at a sea of overwhelming color for me. that’s why i pick one or two colors. sometimes, i’ll use varying shades of one color or two colors. i think the max colors i use will probably be three unless i’m using colors to draw a diagram.

i restrict the different colors to things like headings, vocabulary, borders, brackets, or important facts.
i use pencil or black ink for the main body of the notes.


i believe that my method is closest to what people call the “outline method”

the title is written at the top of the paper in color. the heading is written in the margin of the paper in color. i start off with bullet points, then with dashes for extra info relating to the bullet point. i use arrows for additional information relating to the dash or

consequences of the info in the bullet point.

i also don’t like writing a lot so i use abbreviations a lot such as w/ = with.

if the whole bullet point – dashes – arrows becomes long, i draw a color bracket next to the info to show that the whole thing is one chunk of info.
i also bracket extra information written on the side.

i’ll draw diagrams or make lists off to the side. i’ll also occasionally make a little bubble of information and connect it to the bullet point of information that it’s related to. this usually happens when i forget to put it info and i don’t have room in the bullet point below.
for important info: i either underline with a highlighter / color pen or draw a little bubble / cloud around it.

i’m a bit of a visual learner so sometimes, i’ll draw little pictures illustrating whatever i just wrote to the side. i also connect things with arrows a lot to show their connection.

i don’t really like rewriting notes because i find it a waste of time. i try to do a decent job the first time around. the only time i’ll rewrite notes are lecture notes (bc those are a nightmare of scribbles that i can’t decipher unless i rewrite it the day of the lecture)


bullet points – information

dashes – information relating to the bullet point

arrows – further information relating to the dash above it or a consequence of a bullet point / dash

brackets in color – used to show that a chunk of information is all about one thing, used to box in important information to the side

bubbles / clouds in color – used to box in important information to the side

speech bubble in color – important quote

words in color – headings, vocabulary, important facts that i cannot forget

underline in color – important part of the info

large exclamation point in color – this is hella important u better not forget this

if you’d like to see examples of my notes, you can look at my studygram or my posts.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks 🙂

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