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Interviews can be horribly intimidating, but if you prepare well enough, feel confident in yourself, and keep your cool, then you’ll do amazingly! Here are some tips on how to ace interviews in different situations, with some general tips thrown in for fun. Good luck, and hopefully something in here will help you out!

College Interviews


  1. Know plenty about the college you’re applying to. Highlighting a particular attribute you love about the college as well as having a good general knowledge base shows the interviewer that you are sincerely interested and have done your homework.
  2. Be able to describe why you are a good fit for the college. Interviewers want to ensure that you’re a good candidate both in paper and on person, so consider things you’ve done that show character.
  3. Choose a favourite book and be able to talk about it. College interviewers love to ask, so think about the impression you want to give beforehand and consider it carefully.
  4. Have a question about the college that the website doesn’t answer. It shows your preparedness, and gives you a way to continue the conversation and demonstrate your interest in the interviewer’s perspective!
  5. Bring a copy of your academic resume. Interviewers will see you as more prepared, have a concrete reference for their write-up, and have talking points during the interview for anything interesting that’s on there.


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Scholarship Interviews


  1. Be able to tell the interviewer why you deserve the scholarship. Don’t simply rattle off your achievements, but rather present yourself as the student most aligned with the scholarship’s mission and the most ready to succeed.
  2. Make sure to link your accomplishments to the scholarship’s mission statement. Scholarship providers often have pillars (like philanthropy, promoting the community, etc.) which you should uphold.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to think about oddball questions. It’s better to give a well-developed and thought out response to which vegetable you’d be than bumble through it simply because it was unexpected!
  4. Know your application essays well. I’ve been asked to elaborate on my community service plans and why I chose to do band because of my essays, so knowing the topics well will undoubtedly help you out and show passion.


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Job Interviews


  1. Make it seem like the company needs you. When asked why you want the job, address how the company will benefit from employing you, and not how you will benefit as a person.
  2. Bring materials. Have letters of recommendation, a resume, and your portfolio (if applicable) on hand. Make sure to have multiple copies in case there are multiple interviewers.
  3. Research the employer. Know the company history, its mission, recent events, and the values/vision it advertises. Tailor your presentation of yourself to match those ideals.
  4. Determine your greatest strength and weakness. You will likely be asked this question, so be able to give an example, demonstrate how you have overcome your weakness, and how you have used your strength.


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