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2/2: Ahh this sounds so fun, I’m so excited for you!! I definitely recommend the train! The trains going out of King’s Cross can be pretty inexpensive (anywhere from 60-80 pounds), and they’re still really fast! I definitely recommend that for traveling around London, Cambridge, Bath, Oxford, Somerset, etc. If you’re in London make sure you get an all day tube pass for zones 1-5…I swear its like 12 pounds per person and so nice for when the walking gets tiring.

Trains are such an easy, simple trip and you can still bring your luggage aboard. Also if you get the trains off peak (after 7 pm) they are sooo much cheaper (20-30 pounds) (trains most expensive between 3-7 because of work hours).

Also, Saint Pancras for international travel is really efficient as well. You can go anywhere from Paris to Scotland for not very expensive (To paris it was like 40-50 pounds)…I definitely recommend that! It’s right across the street from Kings Cross. It is pretty busy so you might have to get tickets a week or so in advance, but again it’s a very comfortable ride and you can easily bring luggage on! For Scotland, flights may be a cheaper and quicker option because the train ride is about 5 hours. Also, you’ll have to fly to Dublin, no train goes straight there unless you get a ferry.

I definitely don’t recommend taking a plain if you’re going anywhere within the U.K because the train system is so great (my boyfriend agrees…he’s British haha). The trains are so much quicker and cheaper, you can avoid security/checking in/checking luggage/etc.

I recommend checking out AirBnb….There can be some really nice, affordable ones, especially around Oxford and Cambridge because of Uni students renting out their apartments for the summer holiday. (p.s there’s this tiny coffee shop in an alley across from Kings College thats really good). Also, Cambridge has a great mall with (Grand Arcade) with Lush, Cath Kidston, Jo Malone, and more. Also, Cambridge has some really nice markets all the time! I’ve also heard of there being some really nice ones in London because the hotels there can be quite pricey!

If you have any more questions let me know!! Especially if you need ideas of what to do in Oxford, Somerset, Bath, etc….I’ll have my boyfriend answer with his favorite non-touristy things to do! haha
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