The Kpopalypse guide to university life for k-pop fans


Lectures are boring as fuck, even for a topic that you actually do give a shit about.  Fortunately, it’s easy to get the most out of them.  Here’s how.

Turn up – what a difference this makes.  Attend every single lecture, without fail.  Don’t ask your friends to write lecture notes and give them to you later so you can watch Music Core or whatever the fuck, it’s inviting disaster.  Your friends are morons, they’ll fuck up and spill drinks on their notes, or lose them, or just forget to give them to you, or just write the wrong shit down, or even worse they’ll realise Music Core is on as well and stay home.  They don’t give a shit whether you pass or not, and half of them are probably stoned.  Every lecture has a lot of boring bullshit but it also has something you need to know, don’t rely on your loser buddies to figure out what that might be.

Pay attention – stop talking to your stupid bitch friends about k-pop and actually listen to the boring person giving the lecture.  Also don’t bring in your headphones and listen to MP3s on your phone you dumbass.  Most importantly don’t blow all that education money on asking the person sitting next to you if they like Gfriend or BTS because there’s a real risk that they might say “yes” and then you’ll be trapped in a stupid conversation with them about how great your bias is for the next half an hour and you’ll miss all the important shit in the lecture.

Paraphrase – don’t write down every single thing the professor says.  Professors love to ramble and talk about bullshit nobody cares about (just like k-pop bloggers, right?).  Just write down the important shit.  The ratio of actual shit you need to know versus pointless crap is about the same as the ratio of English to Korean in any given k-pop song – the important shit is in English, the Korean is just the details.  The really cool lecturers will telegraph the really important shit and say stuff like “this next bit might be in the exam, so listen…” and you can bet “might” means “is”.  The more deranged fuddy-duddy lecturers who look like Einstein will just jabber away about crap and you’ve got to figure out what’s important, which is usually not too hard, just keep an ear out for “shit you don’t know yet”.

Copy – write your lecture notes in the lecture, with a pen and paper.  Then, when you get home, type all that shit up again into a word processor, so it looks nice and readable and not in your shitty scratchy handwriting.  Now you’ve got some cool study notes you can come back to when it’s exam time.  If you’re too povo to afford a computer just write them out again by hand, but neatly.  Don’t be tempted to drag your laptop into the lecture hall – the copying of the handwritten notes into the computer reinforces the memory and is actually useful.

Found the bit on note-taking useful!

The Kpopalypse guide to university life for k-pop fans

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