Taking Notes in Class


In collaboration with Alice M. on YouTube, we thought it would be helpful to show you guys two different note taking methods: outline format and the Cornell format.

Personally, when possible, I take all of my notes on my laptop or iPad (my favorite App is Notability). I type much faster than I handwrite and I find it much easier to organize my thoughts on a computer, being able to add things to certain categories afterwards and not worrying about having enough space later.

I usually use an outline format:


I find this easiest due to the fact that it automatically creates subcategories that my mind can easily sort through when studying. It allows you to mark down terms with their definitions below as well as creating lists with explanations within the lists and everything remains organized rather than a jumbled mess on the paper.

When following a long with a powerpoint, I make sure to get a copy of the Powerpoint and insert important photos from it into my notes:


This is a super easy way to keep all of your notes organized in one place without having to constantly reference the powerpoint and your notes. Plus, the photos help explain your notes better so you won’t have to do a ton of explaining in words. It will make more sense later when you are studying.

Any time a professor brings up an example or searches on Google to show you a photograph, write it down or google it with him. You can even insert the image from Google into your notes to remind you of his example.  It will help you be able to remember how to apply the concepts rather than just memorizing definitions.

I also make an effort to continue writing throughout the entire lecture. You can sort through what is important and what isn’t as important later, but if you write down the majority and keep it organized through an outlining format, it’s easier to weed through later and you will know for a fact that you haven’t missed anything.

The only time I really do handwritten notes is for revision. Hand-writing my notes helps me remember it once I’ve already written down the material. If I try to hand-write notes in class, I miss too many things.

I hope this was helpful for you! Not all methods are for everyone, so Alice M. is doing a video on her channel about the Cornell method! Check it out below!

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