Studyblr post: learning summaries  (great alternative to flashcards)


3/30/15 [11:02pm] an anonymous asked how i take my notes for AP world history so ill try to explain :] these are notes on colonial expansion!

this whole page covers about 30 pages [one chapter] of my textbook ~ it has focus questions at the beginning of each chapter, so i copy those down on the left side of the paper ~ i copy the subheadings of each section along the left margins ~ and on the right side of the page i paraphrase the subsection into extremely concise bullet points

i mainly use these notes to quiz myself [kind of like flashcards] and so i can see a rough outline of the chapter ~ i utilize these foldables as supplements to the lecture notes i get in class bc i can compare the two while studying to be sure i cover all important concepts ~ so far it has worked for me! [youtube video on other ways to use this method!!!]

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