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Visual Learner or not, mindmaps can be a great way to write out notes or revise. Personally I use mindmaps to revise notes for an exam! Mindmaps can sometimes be confusing to make, so let me lay it out in a few steps:


are my faves!



  • Keep it Simple
  • Stick to Bullet Points
  • Have 3 Main Colours
  • Space it out
  • Include diagrams if you need
  • Include post-it notes for extra information

The layout I usually follow:

Usually my bullet points would go under each title.
Try to keep it as neat as possible! It will make it easier to study.


  • If you dislike writing on blank paper, place lined paper behind the sheet when you’re writing so you can see the lines and keep your writing straight.
  • If you’re a visual learner, include more diagrams, perhaps even use them instead of Titles.
  • If you’re using Sharpies, place a blank page behind so it won’t bleed onto the next page or onto the table


  • When you’re not directly studying one of your mindmaps,  stick them up around you! You’ll look at them and learn from them without realising.
  • Cover them up and test yourself on them
  • They’re perfect for last minute prep before an exam
  • You can read over them to refresh your memory

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