Intellectual Wellness

  • Do you often search for lifelong learning opportunities, engage in new ideas and stimulating mental activities?
  • Do you seek personal growth by learning new skills?
  • Do you constantly try to better your current skillset?

Learning new skills, growing and expanding your mind does lead to a rewiring of your brain. Learning new things causes changes in your brain, by strengthening synapse interconnections, stimulating your brain and improving your memory.

Expand your Mind. Increase your Intellectual Wellness.

Want to take better notes? Study smarter not harder? Here are tips and tricks on study techniques, resources, learning a new language, writing better and speed reading.
How have you invested in increasing your intellectual wellness?


Effective Note Taking

We all have to take notes at some point – whether as students or as working adults who attend frequent meetings. Here are note take taking techniques that are effective and efficient.

Study Techniques and Learning Resources

This section has study techniques, test taking tips, how to study guidelines, tips for learning new languages – for the avid learners and students among us. I also provide links and posts that gather useful resources, links, study tools, printables and research on how to study smart.


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