hi I’m going to london this summer and I think I remember you saying you’ve been? any tips on what to pack??

Yes! I was in England last summer during June and July! I absolutely love it there and I’m going back again this summer!

As always, wear whatever makes you comfortable and confident! The things I have listed below are just some tips and some things I noticed during the month that I was there. I am by no means telling you what to wear or pack, but hopefully this gives you some sort of idea!

The first thing I recommend is bringing a light jacket! Even though it will be summer, there is no humidity and there are a lot of cloudy/windy/rainy days. Even some days where it was in the 70s it felt pretty chilly! One of the days it was raining and freezing; I was wearing shorts and got all wet and cold. So also, even though it will be summer, definitely pack a pair of jeans/pants! I brought my J.Crew Field Jacket and it was perfect!

The next thing is definitely a pair of comfortable shoes to walk around in! I thought my Tory Burch Miller sandals would be comfortable enough and I was so wrong! I’ve had those sandals for years and have never had a problem with them being uncomfortable, but for some reason I got terrible blisters walking around London! I had to go to the mall and buy a pair of Toms for walking! I recommend Vans, converse, or Toms (which are quite the popular choice for a pair of comfortable walking shoes in England). I would say the most popular shoe choice in England is booties or flats!

I recommend packing a lot of neutral colors. I noticed that most people in London really just wore a lot of tan, navy, black, and grey! I barely saw anybody in white, or any bright colors! I wore a red dress to tea and I completely stood out walking down Bond Street because everybody was wearing neutral and muted colors! I definitely do not recommend white dresses, bright patterns such as Lilly Pulitzer, and neon/bright colors. Whenever I wore something bright (white, red, or printed) I just felt like everyone was staring at me!

Skip out on the sneakers/norts/tshirts/leggings unless you plan on wearing them at the airport, to bed, or if you plan on working out. I never saw a single person in England wearing workout style clothes or sneakers on a daily basis! It’s just not something they do (except for working out obviously). I admit that when I travel, norts and a tshirt would be my first option for sight seeing, but London is a very fashionable city so everyone always looks amazing and put together! I was talking to my boyfriends sister and most of the people there don’t even own clothes like that. 

Also a rain jacket! It does get very rainy and cloudy some days. I couldn’t fit my Hunter rain boots in my suitcase, but luckily my boyfriends family had tons of them! A sport rain jacket (like North Face) works fine, although a trench coat is more the London style. 

Another thing is tights! English girls wear tights with absolutely everything! Even in the 70-80s (because remember it is still pretty cool out; really…don’t underestimate the summer months. It might just be because I’m always cold but some days when it was 75 out I felt freezing). My boyfriends sister and roommate asked me if I needed to borrow a pair of tights with every outfit I wore! haha 

When in doubt, stick to neutrals, a lot of black, classic pieces, comfortable shoes, be mindful of the cool weather, and remember it rains a lot!

Have fun, hope this helped:)

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