College freshman essentials?

1. Plug in fan; the dorms get so hot in the spring (my University kept the heat on until like April)

2. Reusable water bottle; to fill up between classes

3. A rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella; it rains all the time on my campus

4. A sturdy, comfortable, waterproof backpack; I recommend investing in a North Face backpack; I love mine and it’ll last all 4 years

5. An agenda; so so important

6. A laptop, of course again, so important

7. A bag of essentials; sewing kit, iron, mini ironing board, first aid kit, flashlight

8. Memory stick, phone and computer chargers, printer, calculator, and headphones

9. Bed risers so you can store stuff under the bed and command hooks/strips because you normally can’t nail into the walls

10. Coffee machine if you drink it; I recommend the small Keurig so you can make all sorts of drinks

11. A sickness bag; ibuprofen, Benadryl, personal medicine, q-tips, cotton balls, allergy medicine, tweezers…stuff like that

12. Shower caddy and shower shoes if you have a community bathroom

13. Laundry bag and supplies

14. Most dorms come with a microwave and fridge, but if not, one of those

15. A mini TV (if you want)

16. A small set of kitchen supplies; plates, bowls, utensils, paper towels, etc as well as dish soap and a scrub brush (if you make anything in your microwave you’ll be washing it in your sink)

17. Two pairs of sheets (usually twin xl), bedside lamp, and alarm clock

18. Organizational bins for under the bed and in your closet

19. Those thin felt hangers to maximize closet space

20. And of course, your toiletries, clothes, blankets, and personal items

21. Class appropriate outfits; some colleges generally dress up for class, others wear a t-shirt and shorts everyday. It would be helpful to ask an older student at your college what the general class attire is (mine is t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers)

22. Sneakers, and workout outfits 

If anyone has any other college related questions, feel free to ask! I’m going to be a senior at university this year, and I love answering them!! 

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