Random Korean Vocab & Random thoughts

눈치가 보여요: feel uncomfortable/ill at ease/awkward

쳐다봐서/쳐다보다: gaze, stare

비어 있/비어있다: Empty

Words are from: Iyagi #1 (TalkToMeInKorean)

Actually, I’m kind of wondering what to do with all these Korean vocabulary and grammar I’ve been accumulating over a couple of years. Blog them over here? On Naver? Daum? Hmm. Just thinking of ways of motivating myself to get consistent with learning Korean.

I’m also thinking of starting a “No Zero Day” (link to post), no actually, I SHOULD start a No Zero Day and hmm, post about my progress here? I’m inspired by the studyblrs I see on my IG and over here on Tumblr, and making your goals public is always a great way to hold yourself accountable – a great motivator. 😛

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