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hi hi ! so obviously getting enough sleep is one of the most important parts of doing well in school – it allows our brain and body to recuperate, ready to process and retain information more effectively the next day. 

now i don’t know about anyone else but i personally have quite a lot of trouble sleeping – it takes me a long time to go to bed and even longer to fall asleep, and as a result i feel dreary and tired and irritable when i wake up the next day. so i had a browse around tumblr + the internet for some sleep tips and decided to put it all together in a masterpost ! it’s a mixture of articles, tumblr posts and other useful things but i hope this helps some people 🙂

general sleep things 

cute infographic on how exactly sleep works + why we need it [by @tobeagenius]

balancing sleep + study [by @brbimstudying]

how long to nap for infographic 

calculating your perfect bedtime and sleep efficiency 

how to recover after a sleepless night

how to pull an all-nighter [by @studyingxv] [but only if u must!!!] 

++how to pull an all-nighter effectively and still do well

on getting some zzz 

getting a good night’s sleep [by @highschoolering]

tips for getting better rest [by @overstudies]

how to go to bed early + actually fall asleep [by @post–grad]

tips + tricks to getting enough sleep [by @studyvet

guide to insomnia [by @benedicthelps

tips for people who stay up too late when they should be sleeping [by @claiae

wikihow: how to make yourself so tired that you’ll fall asleep

harvard’s guide to insomnia !!

on waking up early 

how to wake up early [by @revvising]

another waking up early post [by @post–grad]

wikihow: how to wake up early 

some websites + apps

sleepytime [website that calculates the best times to sleep + wake up] 

soundrown + rainymood [websites for calming sounds] 

rain, rain [app for sleep sounds] 

pzizz sleep [app that generates a new soundtrack night to help you sleep !!] 

sleep cycle [app that analyzes your sleep + wakes you up when your sleep patterns are lightest] 

some of my favourite 8tracks mixes: [x] [x] [x] [x] [sleep tag] [relax tag]

sleep playlists on spotify

general self care 

self care masterpost [by @cortexstudy]

get your life back on track [by @doitforbobby]

happy things!! [by @studyign]  

90 second relaxation

the thoughts room

the quiet place

make everything ok 

i really really hope this was useful!! have a nice day ✨

– joanne 

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