Fear-based beliefs that limit one’s potential

From: Tiny Buddha

  1. You procrastinate
  2. You set a very big goal and wait for magic to
    happen. To overcome this, you have to set smaller, more approachable goals,
    after you set the “big-hairy” one. Goals that you see as possible, but
    that add up to the end game.
  3. You let “emergencies” get in the way: If you hear yourself
    saying things like, “I know I said I would do X today, but I actually can’t
    because I really need to get Y done first,” you are probably falling victim to
    this fear-based behavior. The solution is easy:
    Realize that you haven’t done Y for the past two months, and so not doing it
    today will probably be fine and do X instead.
  4. You focus on the judgment of others

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