Eat a great breakfast to sustain yourself throughout the day

1. Make lean protein a part of your breakfast

  • Protein blunts your hunger, is the most satiating
  • Eggs contain the highest-quality protein
  • Other options:
    • Large Apple or banana with spoonful of peanut butter
      • Protein from peanut butter will slow down absorption of sugar from the fruit
    • 1 pack plain instant microwave oatmeal. Do not buy flavoured kinds which contain sugar
      • Add nuts/low fat milk to it
    • Handful of almonds or walnuts
    • Small carton of plain, low sugar yoghurt
    • An apple, slice of turkey or smoked salmon
  • Items to avoid (energy saboteurs):
    • Doughnuts, waffles, pancakes, sweet starches: ‘sugar crash’ foods
      • Spike your energy and then deplete you, drain you of power also make you hungry again within 2 hours
  • Keep this checklist in mind while shopping:
    • Strive for slow sugar
    • Add quality protein
    • Avoid sugar crash

2. Preparation is key. Go to the supermarket and order enough eggs, oatmeal, fruit to have a power-packed breakfast the whole week

  • Allows time for contemplation: Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung spent a long time in the morning prepping breakfast.
    • This consisted of bread, butter, coffee, salami, fruits

A helpful link: The Many Benefits of Breakfast
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