What are the list of things that make you feel good and ease your stress?

Your challenge for the weekend:

Take 10-15 minutes this weekend and make a list of all those feel goods.

Whether it was from decades past, or even a few months ago.

Make a list of amazing comfort moments that you can come back to when life feels chaotic and overwhelming.

Then make a list of ideas and things you can do in your life NOW to comfort yourself even more.

I’ve even created a worksheet you can use


A few things to consider as you get started:

Comfy and cozy have a few elements that make them so wonderful.

  • Consider things that eased your stress
  • What felt good and cozy on your body? Think warm blankets, movie days, warm drinks, sun on your skin, etc.
  • What types of things helped you feel nourished and supported?
  • List events or experiences that lingered with you for a long time

All credits to Sarah Steckler

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2kj6IjD

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