How To Make Life Spectacular: 4 Rituals Backed By Research

How To Make Life Spectacular: 4 Rituals Backed By Research:

Sum Up

For a spectacular life, remember SOCC:

  • Sappy means happy: Hugs, puppies, and helping. Corny? Maybe. But quite effective.
  • Optimism: It leads to a longer, happier life and more support from loved ones. Brighten up, Eeyore.
  • Control: Be concrete about your plans and feel in control to be stress-proof and gritty.
  • Communication: Talk more for a happier relationship. They remember how you made them feel.
  • And…stop spending so much time on the internet: 

1) Sappy Means Happy

  • Take note of beautiful things around you
  • Mentor someone – you are more likely to see meaning to your life 
  • Watch animal videos online or even better, get a pet
  • Hug someone! Especially someone you love 

2) Optimism

  • Be optimistic 
  • If you are optimistic about your life and your goals, the people around you tend to be optimistic as well 

3) Control

  • You don’t have to be in control, you just have to feel in control of your life. It is the antidote to stress 
    • How? 

      Don’t let your worries stay vague and scary. Get specific with your plans on how to handle things. Construct your goals in concrete terms 

4) Communicate

  • Especially in relationships. Fighting is better than not having conflicts at all 
    • Stay compassionate during fights as people always remember the way the person made them feel during the fight, not so much anything else 

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