Best Possible Future

The Best Possible Future exercise is a potent psychological intervention that has been repeatedly proven to increase optimism, life satisfaction and happiness. It works by helping you to identify the things that are most important to you, and by showing you a path to get more of those things in all aspects of your life.

Users report feeling a surge of motivation and renewed enthusiasm towards pursuing their goals and crafting the type of life that they most deeply desire. With a clear vision of what’s important to you, you’ll experience a newfound sense of determination and optimism that will make you more effective in everything that you do.


Imagine your life several years in the future. Everything has gone amazingly well for you. You’ve achieved everything you could have wanted and more. You feel totally fulfilled in all aspects of your personal, social, and professional life.

Take a few minutes to describe your life in the future. Use details and imagery to engage your brain’s emotional centers, describing the look, feel, taste and smell of your experiences in your best possible future.

There are no right or wrong goals – it is completely determined by what is important to you. Be as creative as you like, but make sure you are writing about your life at a specific time in the future – for instance, 3 years from today. Answer these questions in any order you like and use the categories as prompts, not as set in stone.


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