“Killing your Old Life and Living the Dream” – Part 2

Part 2 – Manning Up & Living the Dream: Getting it Done

Your Manifesto. Your Legacy

list of everything you want to do in lifeA
list of everything you want to be in lifeA list of character qualities you want to be remembered forA
list of accomplishments you want to be remembered forThe
master plan for your life’s enjoyment and achievementQuotes
that inspire you to think, act, and dream bigMementos
that get you back on the path, when you’ve gotten sidetracked


This is the
document you open up when you want to sit down, give up and say, I quit. 
It’s what you take
a look at when you feel lost. 
And it’s what you
meditate on when you feel that everyone around you is telling you something is “impossible”. 

  • People will remember you for your contribution to something greater than just you. 3 parts to this document:
    • Live a life of purpose
    • Walk your talk
    • Dream big
      • Within each part: notes and quotes

Principle 1: Live a life of purpose

Be the dreamer – the person who has huge plans for life, and despite being terrified at what may happen along the way, knows that dreaming big and failing big is ten times better than being too afraid to try. Be the person who says to himself – I get paid to do this?Never forget the few people you have met in life that live what they love – every aspect of their character is worlds beyond most

Principle 2: Walk Your Talk

  • Action – proof that requires no proving, speaks a thousand times louder than words.
  • People who haven’t done anything in their lives always try to prove themselves – always reminding you of that one time they did something extraordinary, unique or that one awesome thing.

Principle 3 – Dream Big

  • Dreams are different from average joes. Their entire outlook on life and default strategy for coping with life’s ups and downs
  • Dreamers are passionate about life and inspire others to get excited. Average Joes usually have a list of reasons why you can’t do something
  • Dreamers get it done. Average Joes talk about how they tried their best.
  • Dreamers are the changers of entire civilizations, Average Joes do the legwork
  • The passion of dreamers is contagious and spreads to others around them. Average Joes usually talk “realistically”. 
  • Dreamers change the entire course of human history

  • These 3 principles culminate in a happy and purposeful live.
  • A life of purpose breeds happiness at its foundation and will be reflected in everything you do
  • This document is also to help keep your mind focused and impervious to the attacks of doubters [humanity]

Doubters, Haters, and Other Thorns in the Path

  • One comment from someone is all it takes and you will end up questioning yourself all day
  • Most people who tell you you can’t do something/it’s impossible are those people who haven’t done jack shit in their entire life. They bring others down without knowing it
    • When they see someone trying to succeed, they say “I’ve never succeeded so no one else can either. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. Come back down to reality.
  • And the doer commands infinite more respect than the talker
  • Tell anyone who gets you done: Bitch get outta the way. I’m makin’ history 

Success’s Subtle Signs

  • Not all the definitions of success contain the same underlying principles
  • Some are based on intangibles (time, happiness); others are based on tangibles (money, possessions)
  • Some are based on things you can acquire more of – items; some are based on things you can never get back (time)
  • What is success to you?
    • Is it more of something? Time, Vacation, Money
    • Or less of something? Stress, annoying coworkers, time working
  • If I am making a million dollars with no goal other than “having a job” where do I invest that money? Probably into time and money wasting, because it has no direction
    • Like most people; buy new car, go to expensive restaurants, make your main goal at work “earning more money” and then repeat the rat race cycle
    • And you are getting no closer to any goal or any form of enjoyment. It’s just mindless misdirected work 
  • Don’t ever thin it’s a passion OR money game. The wealthiest people in the world have a passion for what they do, and that’s why they have an absurd amount of money. 
  • Just like enjoyment, fulfillment, purpose and happiness, you need to find your own definition of Success, so that you can work towards it


  • Anything dealing with the realm of the intangible takes an incredible character to sit down and invest time and energy into making it tangible and real
  • No one can give you the gift of discipline. The gift of willpower. The gift of action. The power to get things done or put dreams into words on paper.
  • But only you can sit down and do it
    • A month from now you may feel the fire fade. But you still go ahead and inch closer to that dream.
  • Part of it is the passion part of the equation. Part of it is the intrinsic fire that no one can give you
    • Part of it is how bad you really want to do exactly what you want to do in this life
    • Create a vision for the future. No matter how small. Make it worth it. And do it. 

Part 2 Recap

  • Create your own manifesto to keep as your guidebook when you feel like you are becoming lost or life begins to feel pointless
  • Doubters – don’t hate them, listen to their criticism, but put little emphasis on it. Keep your mind on your work, and your work only. Nothing else matters.
  • Spend time thinking about your definition of success. It is working on stuff you enjoy?
  • Only you have the willpower to get your dream to fruition. No amount of reading, talking etc will take you there – just action. 


  • Why not? The single greatest gift of why not? is its ability to make your life worth living
  • If you need justification for everything you do – you are going to live a pretty boring, routine-dominated life that limits you psychologically, physically, intellectually
  • Get the WHY question out of your mind 
    • Start with the inherent willingness to try it and see what happens
  • WHY NOT means you are ready to kick some ass and see what happens
  • People don’t take risks because we are afraid but cause we don’t possess the drive. As soon as we forsee a long road ahead filled with work and hardship, we pass. 
  • What’s there to lose? What’s the worst that can happen?


  • Do what you love. Never settle
    • The rest is up to you to prove how badly you want it
  • From now on, take your ideas and nurture, expand, and act upon them

All credits go to: milkthepigeon.com, e-book (Killing your old Life and livin’ the dream)

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