Studying effectively – The Space Effect

  • Space out your study time through a technique known as “space repetition”
    • Space out longer time intervals between your study sessions. EG: Start off with 1 day then 7 days then 14 and so on
    • Known as the “space effect”:

Work involving higher mental functions such as analysis and synthesis, needs to be spaced out in order to allow new neural connections to solidify. New learning drives out old learning when insufficient time intervenes

  • One of the most impt parts of the learning process is forgetting. The more we’ve forgotten something, the harder we have to work to retrieve it, the greater the learning will be
  • Leitner system. Divide your study material into sections or boxes. The boxes represent how often you need to study that material. Ie: box 1 – everyday. Box 2 – every other day. Box 5: just before test/retired.
    • Go to the first box and study what you need. Everytime you get the content right, it will “graduate” to the next box. If you get the material “wrong”, it will stay in the same box. So whenever you go to those relevant boxes, you are studying the material that you most need to, instead of studying everything equally.
  • Apps that help with the space effect: Anki, TinyCards, Memrise, Flashcards Deluxe, SuperMemo, Mnemosyne, Eidetic, Quizlet etc

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