Meaningful and Deep Work (45 mins of intense focus)

From the Fabulous App

  • Treat yourself!

Prepare your favourite tea or coffee for yourself.

  • Find your Deep Work retreat

Go to your personal Deep Work retreat – a place with no distractions. Put your phone and your mind on Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Commit to yourself

Commit to yourself you’ll work with great intensity for this session – no email breaks, no repeated trips to the coffee machine, no browsing etc

  • Recall previous productive sessions

Recall past Deep Work sessions and what has come out of them.

  • Get out your to-do list

Get your to-do list in front of you and choose a task for your Deep Work session

  • Design your timeline

Create a timeline for your work plan. Schedule them in to free slots in your day.

  • Meet the Interruption Page

Take a sheet of paper and make it the Interruption Page. Sign it as a contract to yourself to write down any distractions and immediately get back to work. 

  • Block out distractions

Block Facebook and all other potential distractions. Put your phone on airplane mode.

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