How to Find Motivation With One Simple Method


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Goals rarely help us find motivation. I mean, of the thousands of us who set new year’s resolutions, how many actually stick with them until the following January? Plus, it takes so much effort to come up with the perfect goal that it almost isn’t worth trying.

We fail for 3 reasons: Our goals are too long term, too stressful, or too unrewarding.

And for these reasons, many people choose to dismiss goals altogether. But I think that they can help anyone, they just need some tweaking.

If you make your goals short term, only slightly stressful, and rewarding, you might find motivation you never knew you had.

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Part 1: Short-Term Goals

(daily, weekly, monthly)

Setting long term goals can be more attractive, but short term goals are much more achievable. If you ever plan your day, you are already using short term goals. It may sound a little silly, but when I think of simple daily tasks as goals, I can easily find motivation to complete them.

So how do I make them into goals?

I write down my goal, draw a checkbox next to it, and check it off once I finish it.

Draw a checkbox – daily goals

Whether you use a planner, post-it notes, or an online to-do list, the idea is the same:

  • Write down a task
  • Do the task
  • Check it off

Once you do that, you’ll feel good, so you’ll do it again and again. That’s how to find motivation.

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Key is to break those longgg goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. More manageable, greater accountability and checks at each step.
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