The “Who Flung Poo” theory of finding your passion


I naively assumed in my early 20s that I could just work hard, do all these thinking exercises, find my passion, and then ride off into the sunset happily ever after – if I worked hard.

But it didn’t work out like that.

I worked over 12 jobs, most of which I didn’t like, and started three businesses until I found the one that actually worked and made me money.

(Yes…. I counted. I’ve been writing the Milk the Pigeon book  ).

And it took me until I was 27 to find what I view as my “calling” in life, and then until 29 to make it happen.

That’s a long ass time.

Well, why did it take so long then?

For me, I realized that the problem was that I didn’t 100% know what I was passionate about.

There wasn’t a giant slap in the face from God up above saying, “Dude. You’re an idiot. Do this.”

And because there wasn’t a giant god slap, I didn’t committ 100% to anything.

And because I didn’t commit 100% to anything, I didn’t see results annd I got discouraged.

So I did jack shit.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had to TRY SOMETHING, even if it didn’t feel right, right now, when things started happening.

So when it comes to finding your passion, calling, side business idea, or dream job – start throwing shit at the wall…. literally ;-).

Brain dump all the possible ideas, narrow them down to the top 5 (based on how they gut-feel), and then set aside 20 minutes a day for each one (that’s only an hour and 20 minutes a day).


So you might have been thinking about the “spots you’ve left on the wall” (possible ideas), and now you want to somehow make progress.

What do you do?

Just like in business, where it’s a sin to try and commit to a product without validating it with customers, the same should be true with your time.

Don’t waste it by going back to school, getting a new job, etc. without knowing it’s what you want.

And the easiest way to find out what you want is….


Trust me: I rejected this advice for years.

I smashed my face up against walls trying not to talk to people (i’m in introvert, believe it or not).

Instead, one conversation could have shared with me, “Oh, hey, I really need to be an entrepreneur.”

Or, “Oh, hey, I definitely will slit my wrists if I become a lawyer.”

Or, “Oh, hey, maybe I should try writing a book, it seems like it could lead to great opportunities.”

The very act of actually reaching out to someone in that current industry and finding out what that job is like can save you months (or years).


Action step: Fling poo (ideas) at the wall; pick your top 5; reach out to one person (email/phone) and ask them what the day to day is really like.

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