Meaning in Work

Is it possible for a janitor to find work more meaningful than a doctor? Research from Amy Wrzesniewski says yes.

Meaning In Work is an exercise that helps you to transform the way you view your work. By focusing on the people you help and the skills you master in your work, you transform your work from a job into a calling.

Meaning in Work super-charges your work week with a sense of motivation and passion. It makes your work both more productive and more enjoyable – enabling you to get the greatest possible fulfillment from what you do.

Even the most boring job is an opportunity for self-growth and self-expression. Amy Wrzesniewski found that janitors and doctors were about equally likely to view their work as a job, a career or a calling. The difference is all in your perspective.

If you’re not employed, you can focus on the work you would like to do, any household work or other responsibilities you have, or on the job search itself.

How does your work help other people? Consider both the customers you serve and your co-workers.


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