Living a Purposeful life: Masterpost

  1. Do not waste your 20s away. Figure out what you want to do – RIGHT NOW. Time goes by really quickly and do not think that just because you are “still in your 20s” that you have lots of time left. You really don’t.
  2. Write a list of things you would like to do, make plans and start DOING them.
  3. Do Flow Tests. Spend as little time as possible testing what you want in life.
    1. Start an alarm several times in the day to do “flow check-ins”.
    2. When the alarm sounds, note what you are doing, what are you feeling and are you “in the flow”
    3. Do this for 30 days and you can very easily figure out what you like and what activities put you in the flow.
  4. The traction principle. For every single thing – dates, jobs etc. Do one thing in each category
  5. Don’t pick dreams/goals whose PROCESS you do not like. Want to be a professional soccer player but hate physical training, matches and getting up early for gym training? Forget it.
  6. Think about your Values and Passion. What are those?
  7. Think about what you like or tend to gravitate towards in life.
    1. What types of people do you like to hang out with?
    2. Do you prefer working in groups, alone or a combination of both?
    3. Do you like to constantly be on the move? ie: travelling, meeting lots of people etc?
  8. Use your skills and connections to get to where you want to faster. Time to find some thing (s) to be skilled in!
    1. Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success
  9. Dedicate one hour a day to acquiring a new skill. Start time-blocking one hour a night, to acquire some kind of tangible skill. It’s ideally something you can produce results with – editing videos, writing/editing/designing a book, knowing the different kinds of wine, being able to learn to read and play basic songs on the guitar.
  10. Be mindful when you are doing something. Set a goal within a timeframe and aim to top that goal every time. Choose a good feedback mechanism. For eg, if you want to read academic papers at a faster rate. First, set a timer (1 hour) for 4 papers and then increase this by 1-2 more each time whilst retaining the same amount of information.
  11. Instead of committing yourself too readily to career paths/lifestyles you aren’t sure of yet, shadow the people in those industries. Want to be a clinical psychologist? Get in touch with one and talk/interview them about their day-to-day job. Get an internship and physically shadow one. That will determine if you really want to work in that field for good or not.
  12. Get into uncomfortable situations. That’s the only way you will grow. Hate small talk/talking to strangers in groups? Go to new places where you get the chance to do exactly that. It may be uncomfortable and discouraging at first, and you won’t always get it “right” – old habits are hard to break after all. But keep at it, and one day you will notice how great you are at small talk, and things would be super breezy from there.
  13. Do not ignore your gut and listen to other people – especially when it comes to fulfilling your life’s dreams.
  14. Have too many things you would like to do and keep putting them off? DON’T. Wasting your time surfing youtube/watching way too much online dramas than doing things that can get you closer to your goals? DON’T. When time is gone, it is gone forever.One day putting off your dream is just another day you’re getting further away and losing time.
  15. Every single day when you are making a decision about something and you are feeling some resistance, instead of finding 100 reasons why it won’t work. Ask yourself: why not.

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