How can you make your weekends more awesome?

Research shows that “mastery experiences” are also key to helping people recover from the workweek.

So what’s that mean? Doing stuff you’re good at and trying to get better.

Maybe that sounds like “work” to some people but research shows we’re happier when we’re busy,mind-wandering makes us unhappy and watching TV for too long is depressing.

Mastering a skill is stressful in the moment but makes us happier in the long term.

People who deliberately exercised their signature strengths on a daily basis — those qualities they were uniquely best at, the talents that set them apart from others —  became significantly happier for months.

The Week Isn’t That Bad

Studies show the saddest day of the week is actually Sunday. The research is pretty consistent —Mondays are never that bad and Fridays aren’t that great.

So why do we still not like Mondays? Because you’re focused about how you predict you’ll feel, not how you actually feel in the moment.

If you are dependent on your weekends to bring you happiness, you may want to look for another job. Studies show that people with good careers don’t experience as much of a boost on the weekends —because they don’t need to:

Weekends make much less difference for people who work in open and trusting environments. They simply exchange one set of friends for another on weekends.

How can you make your weekends more awesome?

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