Transforming Problems

This exercise works by taking the most troubling things in your life and transforming them into sources of meaning, motivation and even happiness. If Holocaust survivors such as Viktor Frankl can find meaning and purpose even in the direst conditions, then we too can find meaning, and even opportunity, in our problems.

These individuals show us that while we cannot always choose our circumstances, the way we think about our circumstances is a choice. The work-load that a college student perceives as a burden, would, to a person in a refugee camp, seem the most extraordinary opportunity. Which view is correct? The answer depends totally on your outlook. There is no problem that cannot be interpreted equally validly as an opportunity for growth.

Transforming problems in this way reduces stress, increases motivation and unleashes a flood of positivity, opening up new avenues to overcome difficulties.


Start by identifying the single problem that is troubling you most. It could be a source of stress, discomfort, anger or sadness.


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