Three Good Things

Three Good Things is an exercise that can be done every day, perhaps in the morning or immediately before going to bed.

It trains your brain to focus on the positive – the victories, accomplishments and joys of daily life. As you continue with this exercise, you’ll notice your mind becoming more aware of the positive things in your life. While you go about your day, your brain will already be searching out and creating your next list of Three Good Things.

Strengthening your positive focus brings a enormous number of psychological benefits. Positive people are happier, more motivated, better at creative problem solving, more resilient and suffer fewer illnesses. They even live longer. Positive people are viewed by others as being more attractive, likeable, charismatic and trustworthy. Every repetition of this exercise strengthens these qualities, helping you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Describe one to three things that went well recently. Be sure to include how they made you feel.


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