One-Stop Guide to Korean Particles – 은/는/이/가 (Subject & Topic Markers)

One-Stop Guide to Korean Particles – 은/는/이/가 (Subject & Topic Markers)
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Learning Korean: Common sentence endings (Video)


Common Sentence Endings In Korean

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Korean Langauge Learning Youtube Channels


*not beauty or music, because you can find a bunch of those masterposts already. these are language-learning-oriented or good channels to practice listening

Please feel free to add some you know or message me ones to add.

Also let me know if a link is broken 🙂

List posted in my masterpost of all Korean-related resources

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Learning Korean Post – General Words


I got some korean study goodies (aka notes) for you!

In my last post on the blog I promised I’d share the notes I took with my friends on our korean study group session with you. So, here it it is!

The things my friend wanted to learn how to say in korean:

I like it

그것은 좋아해요

I don’t like it

그것은 안 좋아해요

How are you?

잘 지냈어요?

How much is this?

이거 얼마나예요?

What do you think about (this movie)?

(이 영화는) 어떻게 생각해요?

Click to download the pdf, which contains more notes on each sentence. Print it, add it to your notes, make it your own!

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Learning Korean Post – Pronunciations

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Learn Korean Online!


Hii guys!! I decided to make this tutorial for online Korean learning, this is a method my Korean teacher gave us, is completely free, really easy to use, and fun! Made this specially for @diaduithannah, hope you like it!
1. You must enter the page and create an account. You can set it for it to be in english so it is easier to use.

2. Click on: Create an account

3. Once in there, click on the grey mark points so they turn blue, and click on General Membership Signup, if you want you can use the Social Media one but I was taught this method.

4. Fill in all the information and remember to select that you are a Student

5. Confirm your accont and go back to the home page

6. Once in the home page, click on Learn and Standard Curriculum

7. Go to the bottom of the page for the beginners option, if you are more advanced look for the one that suits you


There will be an option bar, choose Learn.

9. A tab will open up. Click on the korean “start”, this page will give you animations, conversations, audio, explanations, and exercises for you to practice grammar and vocabulary.

10. This is a little extra, but I would recommend for you to already know how to read Hangul (korean) in case you don’t know and you want to practice deeper the exercises, the page offers textbooks you can print. Click on search and select the option Sejong Korean Workbook in the ebook section. Choose the one that suits you. The one I pointed is for beginners and explains how to read Hangul! However I do recommend watching videos for learning Hangul as well.

Sincerely guys, this webpage is everything. It even gives you cultural lessons, it teaches you cultural traditions in Korea according to what you are seeing in the lessons! It is really fun and helps a lot. Any doubts about this web page I am all yours! Thank you!
Please share if you find it helpful!

Thanks so much for this! <3 😀
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Word of the Day – Korean


참석하다 (v.) – to attend (an event, meeting, etc.)

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Studyblr – Free Online Language Courses




*UPDATED* Here is a masterpost of MOOCs (massive open online courses) that are available, archived, or starting soon. Some are short, some are very interactive, some are very in-depth. I think they will help those that like to learn with a teacher or with videos. I checked each link to make sure they are functioning.












































Multiple Languages

I’ll keep an eye out for new courses and if you know of any, let me know so I can update this list.

Last updated: February 19, 2016

god bless whoever made this 

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What kind of tips would you give to someone who is study Korean but feels “discouraged” and sometimes lazy to study? And how did you begin studying Korean and for how long now?



There are times where I am lazy as well. I don’t have the ‘cure’ but I have some tips

1. study things that you’re actually interested in (the subtitles on your fave show, music lyrics, etc)

2. study using a variety of materials from various sources and various techniques of output/input.

3. when you get the motivation to study, start with the most difficult thing and move down the line as you find yourself losing interest. better to do something simpler than stop studying completely.

4. find outside sources to push you

I’ll give you an example. When I went back to my home country after living in Korea, I would start my day by studying grammar from a book (the hardest thing for me) and when I got tired I’d do something that took way less brain power (listening to a TTMIK Iyagi). Then, when even listening comprehension felt exhausting to me, I’d do something that was purely mechanic and not so much cognitive (reading a book out loud to accelerate my pronunciation and reading speed, without taking the time to comprehend the book). When I had to go out and do something else, I’d often listen to Korean podcasts or songs on my way there, and I’d put on the Korean radio at bed time and listen to it while falling asleep. Using unconscious/mechanic activities ALONE will not make you fluent in Korean, not ever. BUT when you don’t have the energy to do the more demanding kinds of study, these kinds of activities will help you get used to the flow/pronunciation/ and some Korean expressions. If you’re someone who lives in Korea, you should work to put yourself in situations where you’d have to use Korean (going to an event that’s not made for foreigners, going to the bank/hospital/realty office/etc alone instead of using a Korean to help you, taking classes on various subjects that are taught in Korean, etc) but if you don’t live in Korea there are other simple ways to have outside sources push you, such as talking to people online in Korean, or using websites which keep track of your progress/encourage you to practice daily (I think memrise has something like this?). And always keep in mind WHY you’re learning Korean and WHAT your specific goal is.

I started learning Korean about four years ago. I started by getting my hands on everything I could and absorbing as much of it as I could.

Apps Master post


Hey guys, this is my first -ever- master post (cause I have never made one before hehe) Just recently i resumed learning Korean (as well as other subjects) and i wanted to share some apps that would be (hopefully) helpful to you guys.






if you have any requests or questions, please feel free to ask/ message me 🙂