Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Etiquette

Accessories ‘breaks’ the shape of the dress or solid colors, which can be a good thing. It adds sparkle to a plain outfit, or creates an interesting look by giving a color contrast.

For example, wearing a long chain gives you a long neckline and helps you look taller and slimmer. A lopsided look occurs when you wear say, a short strand of pearl necklace with a narrow V-neck top. The ‘shape’ does not flow.


Wearing a short strand of pearls or a necklace brings attention to the neck or the collarbones, which is very desirable.

  • Sometimes wearing dangling earrings can be distracting with your hair tied back in a pony tail, especially if it swings back to and forth as you speak. When worn well, it can look very chic emphasizing the ears and neckline.
  • If in doubt, only wear one piece of jewelry at any one time.
  • To achieve a very fail-proof elegant look, wear pearls.


Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Etiquette

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