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  • Are you overwhelmed by life?
  • Read so much around a topic and can’t remember a thing?
  • But would like to lead a more awesome life; with greater wealth, knowledge, habits and happiness?

You’ve come to the right place!

This blog brings you practical hacks, solutions, skills, tips and reflections on how to be lead a more balanced life. Drawing from research, science, pop psychology, books, anecdotes, reflections, thought pieces and many more.


About the Author

Hi! I’m Sara. The author of this blog. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine, since I was a young girl. Getting lost in an Agatha Christie volume is how I’d like to spend my days. Together with a cup of tea. All I am missing is a fireplace!

A few years ago, I started becoming obsessed with this idea of bettering my life – in all ways possible. Be it in fashion, productivity, time management, writing, happiness, good habits etc, oh the list goes on. As a Psychology Researcher, I’m used to reading tomes of prose. And once I get my nose into a topic, it’s hard to get out. I devour readings on a topic very quickly and with each new article, I learn something new. And I believe knowledge should be shared. Since everyone is busy busy busy, I will break down these articles into small bite-sized takeaways. Just for you.

So welcome in! Through my blog, I hope you pick up new habits, reflections and tips. And I hope you enjoy your journey of self-discovery as much as I am enjoying mine.

I love interacting with readers! Please get in touch with me here.

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