How do you love yourself? (Part 2)

that’s not what i’m talking about though.

i’m talking about why your best friends, your partner, your family, your dog, your cat, whoever it may be, loves you. they don’t love you for what you look like or what you have on the outside. they love you for who you are, for what you mean to them.

i’m talking about love, not superficial and judgmental thoughts that strangers, acquaintances, and people who don’t know you very well think about you. besides, even strangers can notice small things about you that you don’t notice yourself.
maybe your eyes shine when you talk about something that you love. maybe your hair is soft. maybe the way you inflect a certain word is nice. even small things are worth loving.
a person doesn’t have to be your mother to notice that.

my entire point was: sometimes we’re so preoccupied with the things that we supposedly lack and the things that we supposedly hate about ourselves to notice the real things that are worth loving about ourselves. and usually, it’s other people who notice those things rather than us.

yes, not every single person will like you. but, you must remember that not every single person will hate you. you live every living second of your life with yourself, so you will always have time left for what you have inside. in fact, you could say that you spend every single dream with yourself and the bits and pieces that your mind dredges up from the endless sea you have within you.

that’s why it’s so important to love yourself.
i hope this cleared up some misconceptions about my original answer for you, anon. i wish you a lovely and happy day 🙂
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How do you love yourself (Part one)

at first, one doesn’t. most people have so much love for others but not enough for themselves. that’s when you have to look closer. who is the person that other people see you as? what do other people love about you? is it the way you laugh? is it the way your hands gesture when you talk? is it the way you always keep an eye out for your friends?
whatever it is, it’s almost always better than what you view yourself as (at this point in your journey to love yourself)

most people start small. yes, you may not love yourself but the concept of “me” is such a wide and large thing that it’s difficult to hate all of it. for example, i dislike my face and my body. but, my friends love the way i laugh at my own terrible puns. my mom loves the way i keep the door open for other people. my sister loves the way i use “;;” in my texts.

and that’s what i start to love as well. it’s the tiny things about me that i appreciate about myself. yes, i may not like my cheeks and yes, i may not like my eyes, and yes, i may not like my body, but  i love the way that i love terrible puns. i love it when i open the door for other people. i love the way i use ;; in texts. all of those are still parts of me, parts to love.

i’m still far away from loving myself and it’s hard, anon, it’s so hard sometimes. but i’m hoping that the little things will add up over time. i care more about myself more than i used to, and all the physical scars have healed. things add up, and i hope that my small pile of love for myself will continue to grow as they have done so far.

and if you still can’t find anything to love about yourself, remember the fact that you cared enough about loving yourself to ask someone else advice for it. you still care about yourself deep down there. you deserve to be loved by yourself, anon. good luck.
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pre monday class — report report report

tuesday’s ultra-long lunch break with virginia woolf

what do i do when i don’t wanna work? linguistics. always

skipping (shush) one class just to be in the comfort of home, but feeling less guilty by actually working on my lit


monday to thursdaysemester six, week three

my week can be summed up as productive, but only for classes i actually like. tried and still haven’t finished that damn report, but i consoled myself in reading woolf’s to the lighthouse and looking more into my lit classes, and the linguistics one. next week’s load of work is supposed to be lighter, thanks gosh because i need this family time in the countryside i’m suppose to have as of tomorrow. 

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Pink notes! 📌

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