Suggestions of things to do in London? Places to stay, eat, see?

Hi, of course!!

-I recommend staying in the Dorset Square Hotel, in Dorset
Square. It is a beautiful upscale boutique hotel with amazing service

-Also, The Pelham Hotel is very nice!

-The London Eye

-The Parliament Building/Big Ben

-Piccadilly Circus

-Trafalgar Square

-Abbey Road (Beatles)


-Queens Tennis Club in West Kensington

-Wembley Stadium

-Farmers Market: My favorites are Camden Market, Portobello
Road, and Columbia Market

-The Shard

-Thames River and Tower Bridge

-Harrods; AMAZING and an insanely good ice cream parlour on
the second floor!!

-Go shopping on Bond Street/New Bond Street

-Go on the Tube and in a taxi

-Natural History Museum (better than the British Museum)

-Hyde Park

-Notting Hill; go to the bookstore


-Vintage shopping in Shoreridge

-Liberty store

-Muriel’s Kitchen has amazing chocolate croissants (Old Compton

-Westminster Abbey

-Go to Tescos, M&S, or Waitrose (just grocery markets,
but I love them, Waitrose has the best brand chocolate, M&S has great to-go
food, and Tescos has a great wine selection)

-Go to a Cath Kidston store; seriously cute things! I bought
an adorable teapot from there

-Get fish and chips; there’s no particular best place to get
it, everywhere has them

-St. James Park

-Buckingham Palace

-Regents Park (always has shows/plays/music)

-Lunch at Borough Market

-Covent Garden

-Have tea; the BEST place for tea is Brown’s Hotel; they
have an amazing afternoon champagne tea. Don’t listen to anyone who says the
Ritz Carlton is the best for tea. I have talked to so many locals and everyone
thinks the new guy who bought it has made the hotel too modern/trendy and taken
away the classic sophisticated feel

-There is a sushi conveyer belt at St. Pancras Station; it’s
not the best sushi I’ve ever had, but it’s sooo addicting! If you happen to be
catching a train there, make sure you go! Also check out Sketch! It’s a really cool restaurant

-See a show! My favorite theatre is the Duke of York theatre
on Saint Martin’s

-Somerset House (ice skating there if you’re visiting in the

-See a ballet or opera at the Royal Opera House

There are so many things to do! If anyone has any
suggestions, feel free to add them to this post!

I’ll reblog my other post about packing/outfits/style for you to check out!
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What do you think everyone needs to know? [Life Tips]

Here are a few things that I have found useful knowing. I’m glad I have learned these things over the years. Obviously this list isn’t for everyone and I’m not saying every single person needs to know how to do every single thing on this list (cooking and budgeting would probably be priority). However, I think if your goal is to become a very well-rounded, experienced, knowledgeable person, it may be of some use to know how to do these things.

My old roommate asked me this same question once and I said “cook, do laundry, iron, sew (very basic), and budget”. She stared at me after realizing she didn’t know how to do any of it and said “oh well I’ll just hire people for all of that”. Sure that’s all good and well, whatever floats your boat but I truly believe that each person should be a self sufficient, functioning, mature human being (at least by the time you graduate college)

Of course I don’t expect everyone to cook a 5 course meal, iron a collared shirt properly, or sew a quilt. Also I realize this list is mostly for girls. I do believe both girls and guys need to be fully functioning mature self-sufficient people, however when’s the last time you saw a guy sew? Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know how to do it…just guys don’t typically think “hmm there’s a hole in this shirt, let me sew it up”…it usually just ends up in the trash

Before graduating high school:

  1. How to make your own lunch. Stop having your mom make and pack it for you. Along the same lines, if your mom wakes you up every morning…get an alarm clock
  2. Please know proper grammar. College professors won’t find it cute that you don’t know the difference between your and you’re, or there, their, and they’re
  3. How to cook a few basic meals so when you go to college you don’t starve (my old roommate once asked me if you cook pasta directly in the jar the sauce comes in, or if you cook it first somewhere else, then put the sauce on top…she was 19…don’t be this person)
  4. How to handle yourself on social media. Don’t be that girl barely wearing any clothes, posting pictures of you drinking underage on social media. Colleges, graduate schools, and jobs will look at your social media and I promise you don’t look cool drinking alcohol at 19.
  5. Know your manners. This is something that should be taught from such a young age, but so many people forget it. Please be polite, respectful, and kind to others especially those in the restaurant or commercial industry or authority figures. Also, learn to put your phone down once in awhile. Especially during dinner or when you’re hanging out with friends. What’s on your phone will still be there when you pick it up again, but we only get so many meaningful interactions to talk, listen, or learn with people we care about.
  6. How to sew and iron. Your grandma isn’t always going to be there for you; especially when you go to college (I’m not talking about hardcore on a sewing machine, but know how to sew up a hole or fix a button). My middle school required a home economics class and I’m so glad it did.
  7. Know how to do your own laundry, clean, and make your bed
  8. Have some work experience. At least 1-2 years whether it’s babysitting, an internship, volunteering, or an official paid job
  9. Learn how to manage money. Save some, and learn how to budget so when/if you go to college you’re not broke
  10. Know how to do a basic car check (oil, tire pressure, know what the service lights mean, know what to do incase of an emergency or flat tire) (AAA is key)
  11. Know how to use basic tools…dad won’t be with you in your apartment when you need to fix something. I’ll admit I’m still working on these last two…luckily I have a boyfriend that does them for me but I think if you’re a girl living on your own or with roommates they are necessary to know.

Before graduating college:

  1. How to write a killer resume, CV, and cover letter
  2. How to manage your time and try not to procrastinate. It’s really important to have some healthy habits, workout regularly, and make time for yourself
  3. Know how to dress for an interview and the differences between business casual and business professional (let me know if you need to know the difference).
  4. Know how to walk in heels. Wear flats or 1-2 inches for job interviews and save everything else for Friday night. But don’t be that girl stumbling around because her heels are too tall. Likewise, don’t be that girl who complains about how bad her feet hurt because that’s just annoying. Don’t wear the shoes if you can’t walk in them for at least an hour, I dont care how cute they are.
  5. Know how to dress for your body type and your age. Crop tops are cute and fun freshman year, but after that it’s time to get a more mature wardrobe. My personal rule for going out is you can accentuate one part of your body, but only one, or else it’s too much (obviously there are some exceptions…short shorts and a crop top isn’t one of them). Again this is just my personal rule…I’m not here to tell girls how to dress. If a crop top and short shorts make you feel cute and confident then go for it girl! Who am I to make fashion rules?
  6.  Likewise, have clothes that fit you properly, a basic everyday wardrobe (let me know if you need tips for a basic wardrobe and I can type that up). Also, have a few business outfits for interviews and professional jobs, as well as a go to black dress and a go to pair of jeans
  7. How to prepare for an interview; have a list of questions to ask at the end, and always bring a notepad and pen with you
  8. How to handle yourself during a night out. Once you graduate college it isn’t 5 drinks at a bar every other night…you have commitments and responsibilities. Learn how to have 1 drink or say no to going out. You can’t show up to your job late and hungover
  9. Know how to be prepared. If I am carrying my large handbag, at all times I will have: bandaids, gel blister pads, girl things, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a lighter, a pen, a notepad, a snack, a Tide stick, tylenol, a water bottle, chapstick, a portable charger, ear phones, and more…

Before getting married:

  1. Have a good red, a good white, and a good champagne that you can always rely on
  2. Learn how to think about someone else. I feel like in college people are very self centered and unless you’re in a long term mature relationship you probably don’t understand this but…when you’re with another person you have to take into account their ideas, opinions, and feelings. It’s not all about you and your happiness isn’t the only thing that matters now. You have to communicate, compromise, and understand.
  3. Know how to make a few basic cocktails…just because
  4. I would say learn how to host a dinner party but that sounds very housewife-y and I know a lot of people are against that term…but if you plan on regularly having friends over for dinner or parties…learn to multitask while cooking and have a go to menu or dessert recipe
  5. Be financially independent (this isn’t for everyone, but a priority for me. I want to be able to support myself if I ever had to alone, and not rely on my husband)

Before having a baby:

  1. The post nursing/pre-med in me feels obligated to say CPR and basic infant/child first aid
  2. Basic prenatal care, importance of prenatal vitamins, risk factors/things not to do during pregnancy (obviously no alcohol, limited caffeine, no raw fish, no lunch meats, no soft cheeses, etc.). You have to go to regular prenatal checkups and your doctor will tell you all this but…just an FYI.
  3. Have some experience with kids whether it’s working at a daycare or babysitting your sisters kids. Babies are a lot of work and you really need experience. Take a pregnancy class if you’re very inexperienced. I’ve been working with babies/kids for 10 years and it’s great experience and has taught me so much for when I decide to have my own someday
  4. Know basic childcare…you know…basic things to keep a baby safe and alive
    1. Put babies to sleep on their backs with no blankets or toys in the crib. Know the risk factors for SIDS and how to prevent it
    2. Babies stay in a rear facing car seat until they’re 2 years old or at the highest weight and height the car seat allows
    3. Don’t begin to feed your baby solid foods until 6-8 months (foods like yogurt and baby oatmeal may start as early as 4 months)
    4. When you begin to feed a baby solid foods, you always start with vegetables. If you introduce fruits first, babies will be accustomed to the sweetness and probably won’t adapt well to veggies

Hope this was helpful. Sorry it was long. Also I didn’t mean for it to sound housewife-y with the cleaning and cooking and sewing. I think girls and guys equally need a basic understanding of most of these things and these are the things I’m just really glad I’ve learned over the years!
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WordPress Resources at SiteGround

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Blogging: minimalistic themes


about iii | previewcode (raw), alternate

a minimalistic about page that features

  • custom colours for background, border, scrollbar and more
  • header with a square image and three+ navigation links
  • unlimited extra links underneath
  • blogger profile with customisable content
  • unlimited text section – will automatically scroll
  • a blogs section for friends or personal blogs
  • social media section – unlimited as more will scroll
  • there are pointers in the code to help with customisation, such as changing the social media icons and adding more blogs

this page was originally made for my personal blog but I’ve decided to release it after so many of you liked the preview that I posted.

everything needs to be edited in the code, therefore basic coding knowledge is required. if there are any issues or glitches, don’t be afraid to send me an ask here.

reblog/like if using and please do not repost or steal!

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: study tips psychology taught me


  • study in shorter intervals and take breaks (ie, 40 minutes studying and 20 minutes break)
  • during your break don’t watch tv or surf the internet. get outside if you can and go for a walk. or at least listen to some instrumental music and walk around your hall. or meditate or do some art. anything that doesn’t require super directed attention. this allows your attention to be replenished. it’s like a muscle and you gotta give it time to rest. tv doesn’t allow for that.
  • relate the information to yourself and your life. creating visual images will improve your memory.
  • when studying, take notes by hand and put them in your own words. generating material yourself will encode the material better in your brain, and you’ll remember it better
  • don’t just reread, rehearse! quiz yourself on the materials. if you use a visual image “memory palace” technique, walk yourself through it. you’re likely to remember information you’ve tested yourself on better.
  • organizing information into groups that make sense create more connections in your brain and allow you to remember things better. the more meaningful connections you make, the better.
  • make sure the last thing you do before bed is study. no phone, no netflix. your brain will process what you’ve just done while you sleep and this improve recall.

(feel free to add any!)

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Quote of the Day

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Quote of the Day


I found this on Sunday Forever’s Pinterest. I really like it.  Anybody know who it’s from?

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The Best Celebrity College Commencement Speakers & Their Heartfelt Words


Topic: Education, College, Inspiration, Quotes || via Culture N Lifestyle

As some of you say goodbye to their college years with a teary eye, as well as joy and pride,  we ask you not to fear the future or the unknown. These amazing celebrity commencement speakers who have shared their wisdom and thoughtful words have made the world a little less scary. 

Read the heartfelt thoughts by Helen Mirren, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs to Amy Poehler and many more inspiring role models, to remind you that you will be OK!

Helen Mirren Reveals Five Rules For a Happy life:

Helen Mirren delivered the keynote address to graduates at Tulane University’s 2017 Commencement:

“I want to share a few rules that I picked up during my life of disasters and triumphs.  

I call them Helen’s Top 5 rules for a happy life:

Rule Number One (1):

Don’t need to rush to get married.  I married Taylor a lot later in my life and it’s worked out great. And always give your partner the freedom and support to achieve their ambitions.”

Continue Reading [MUST READ]

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