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extracurriculars can take up so much time and it can be hard to find time to start and finish assignments, projects, and study for tests and exams. here are some tips to help you pull through it!

get some sleep

go to sleep early or take a nap. do whatever you need. without sleep, you’ll only feel more miserable and tired and irritable. you’re more likely to do poorly during practices and classes. don’t force yourself to pull an all-nighter. instead, go to sleep early and wake up early to finish up the last bits of work left to do.

write it down

if you get an assignment or find out a deadline, write it down. don’t tell yourself that you’ll remember it because you won’t.

schedule your time

a planner or a bullet journal or a calendar app are the most common ways that people keep track of the things that they need to do. jot down the events that you need to be at + the starting and ending times. schedule study time like an event too. school is important too!!

find spare time and use it

use spare time during lunch period to get that last question done on a math assignment. use the downtimes at meets to start the first paragraph of that essay you need to turn in. finish up language homework during transportation time. use worktime in class to get a head start on things. you actually have a lot of time if you add up all the spare bits.

do what works for you

use study methods that fit you. you don’t have to force yourself to write notes if you find that it doesn’t help you. if reviewing flashcards helps you more than writing mind maps, then do that instead. don’t get caught up with thoughts of what you “have” to do based on the overwhelming aesthetics and popular methods commonly displayed in the studyblr community.

get an early start on things

start homework as soon as you get it. begin projects on the first day and not before the deadline. since you’ll be busy most of the time, it’s better to get a head start on things and have a few extra days and bits of time to spare for those emergency club meetings and matches that drain your time.

stay healthy

your body needs to be in top condition in order to do all of those sports and keep up with those clubs and stay on track in school! drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, and have healthy snacks and breaks when you need them.

weekends are your best friend

even if you have games and matches and events during weekends, you can still wake up early and find time in the morning. you can also find time in the evenings too! you have a lot more time on weekends. remember to use some of that time to also relax and wind down too!
don’t make up flimsy excuses if you know that they’re not true. you can’t help it if you’re tired, but don’t pretend like you’re tired and push off those essays until another day.

talk with your teachers

if it gets really bad, try to talk with your teachers, advisors, and coaches to see if you can work something out. school is still important and balance is key. i’m sure that you can work something out.

drop something if you have to

in the end, your own physical and mental health is what matters the most. please take a day off if you have to, and if you can’t handle it anymore, then you need to acknowledge that and drop something (not school).

you can pull through it!!! it might seem overwhelming, but you can get used to it. however, remember that you are only human. don’t disregard your own health and education. don’t stress yourself out too much! if it is too much for you, talk to a teacher or advisor immediately.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks 🙂


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How to truly love yourself


1. Don’t keep bringing up your past mistakes.

2. Don’t keep beating yourself up for the things you get wrong.

3. Don’t expect things from yourself that you’re not yet able to give.

4. Be proud of all the progress you’ve made.

5. Believe that you deserve to be respected.

6. Believe that you deserve to be wanted.

7. Believe that you deserve to be loved.

8. Accept, respect and love yourself, just as you are.

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Studyblr post + London is gorgeous!


10.05.2015 // in London for a few hours before I take the overnight ferry to the Netherlands. Plenty of reading and editing to be done before the train to Harwich.

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Grow Rich by Handling Your Money & Investments

Grow Rich by Handling Your Money & Investments
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You Should Start a Blog, Here’s How (Full Guide, link)

You Should Start a Blog, Here’s How (Full Guide)

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Studyblr post – app guide (info graphic)


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Quote of the day

“Stop creating obstacles and hardship with limiting thought patterns before even taking the first step. You will come to realize lots of things in life are not so difficult as you make it seem.”

Awakened Vibrations  (via awakenedvibrations)

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Studyblr post 


For once i did everything i had planned to do, wow it makes me feel mega productive ! *applauding myself*

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Studyblr post


Spent the afternoon studying in a café near home 🍃

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How to overcome procrastination/distractions and start working (Video)

  • Notice what is going in your mind/what craving you are having
    when you are having difficulty starting or getting distracted
  • Grow a new habit on top of an old one. Two ways:
  • Change your environment
  • Track the habit you want to create onto an existing
    behaviour. If do (x), then do (y)
  • Secret to making habits: you are more likely to
    agree to do less than more! So start smal
  • Use exercise for a mini nootropic effect
    • Exercise leads to better bloodflow and gets
      more energy and oxygen to the brain, this leads to increased performance and
      better willpower
    • Or sometimes, you feel that your need to want
      to finish the task is even greater than the need to exercise
    •  Practice some mindfulness. For instance,
      scrolling through wedding pics on fb of an ex classmate you’ve not spoken to in
      10 years? Ask yourself: “I don’t even know this person, why am I looking at
      their wedding pics?” and then close fb
  • Take a break and let your subconscious do the work
    • Isolate yourself in a quiet room where you are
      not distracted by the computer, tv, phone, work etc. This is why lots of great
      thoughts come to you in the shower! It could be a walk or relaxing in a chair –
      something slow and quiet
    • However warm showers make you release dopamine and
      increased dopamine flows lead to better creativity
  • Use the flow state cycle
    • Feel totally absorbed with the task at hand

*Don’t take breaks by checking your phones and
watching TV, it actually affects our brain waves and this prevents
creativity/ideas from occurring

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