Quote of the Day

To successfully change your behaviour, start by setting small goals and aim for a quick win that will inspire you to go further.

Quote of the Day

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

Jordan Belfort

Quote of the Day

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.


Quote of the Day

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.

Maya Angelou

Quote of the Day

Beware the barrenness of a busy life.


Take some time to relax this week. We often get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to treat ourselves. Reward yourself for your hard work. You’ve earned it. 

Quote of the Day

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.


Make a conscious effort to write down and reflect on all of the good things that have happened this week. See how much of an impact positive reflection has on your life.

Quote of the Day

Fate loves the fearless.

James Russel Lowell.

This week, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do not let fear hold you back from achieving your goals.

Quote of the Day

If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree.

Jim Rohn

True Words and Note to Self.

“Study Less, Study Smart”: The Best Ways to Retain More in Less Time

  • Study in chunked sessions: Your ability to retain information diminishes after about 25-30 minutes, so break it up into multiple, smaller sessions. Reward yourself with fun activities during your breaks
  • Have a dedicated study area: Don’t study where you do anything else. Don’t study in your bed, where you play games (even if it’s your computer), or in front of the TV.
  • Know the difference between recognition and recollection: Recognition requires a trigger for you to remember something and you may not get that on a test. Study actively with focus on recollection. Quiz yourself and don’t just glance over highlighted notes.
  • Take good notes: Find a note-taking method that works for you and expand on them after your class lecture to increase retention and understanding.
  • Be ready to teach what you’ve learned: If you can teach it to someone else, you have a solid grasp on the material.
  • Read textbooks effectively: Use the SQ3R Method—survey, question, read, recite, review—to actively retain information. Just reading it is not enough.

Lastly, divide everything you learn into two categories: facts and concepts. Facts are things that can fall out of your brain and you may need to come up with a mnemonic device in order to study them. Concepts are the glue that hold entire big picture together, making them the most important part to study. Concepts are why you’re studying something to begin with and, once you learn them, they stick with you. Stop wasting hours studying at only a third of the pace you could be going and study smart.

Marty Lobdell: Study Less, Study Smart

“Study Less, Study Smart”: The Best Ways to Retain More in Less Time

What is procrastination? – Quora

One of the best answers on that post:

What is Procrastination and how do we fix it? We would talk about that. But first story of a fellow Procrastinator.

Not too long ago during my MBA, One night around 11:46 PM, I was working on an assignment, which was approaching its deadline in next 13 minutes. Chrome loaded with tabs, copy paste in full swing and after focused dedicated effort of 12 minutes, at 11:58 I pressed the Submit button and exhaled in relief when the message popped up ‘Your Assignment is Submitted’. I was amazed by my ability to churn out last minute excellent quality assignment, every time.

Nah I am screwing it was ordinary, most of them were, average at its best and It’s disheartening to know that I could have done better not if I was rocket science intelligent but if I was not a Procrastinator.

Procrastination is the reluctance to act when it is in our best interest to.

I know I should be completing my assignment but i am looking at famous dresses of Kate Middleton. It gets so ingrained in us that it becomes our habitual,natural response to a task or a situation.

Procrastinators go through a common string of dialogues with themselves.

Defer: Don’t bother me with the assignment it’s not due for a week, Where is the party tonight ?

Avoid: Still 2 days left, I have other important tasks at hand. Back to back GOT, bring it on Baby !!

Guilt: I am a dumb s**t head, I should have started a week back when the assignment was assigned. Yeah you should have bang head in disgust.

Panic: okay whatever happened, how do I clean this mess no Call friends and check on their status if they are falling behind too feel good.

Hysteria: Quality can go home back door. Somehow get over this. Add socially approved number of pages. You know what add big pictures.

Self Loath: I am a big loser, seriously doubt if can do something serious with my life.Anyways new photos of Michelle Obama are here.

Now let’s answer the question and look at how do we actually fix it ?

It all starts with Defer the main culprit,it gives us momentary pleasure fix and lure us in the vicious circle. At the moment of procrastination, If we turn to take the bait, it’s game over.

So we need to hold on as the Procrastination strikes,play our best game and here is how:

  • Time Travel Create mental images of your future as if it was happening now.If you are procrastinating to study, imagine hours before the exam, how panicked and guilty you are. If you are procrastinating about retirement planning think about old age, being weak, lonely,dependent. This will produce a powerful antidote to procrastination,Fear. #ProvokeFear
  • Delay Discounting Have you ever caught a train absolutely last minute, how great does that feel. Now imagine waiting on the platform for 15 minutes and then boarding it, the end result is same but the reward feels bigger in the first case. The further away deadline is less attractive it is to work on it now. Craft artificial deadline, trick yourself, get the reward now. #RewardYourselfNow
  • Light a Fire under your A** Declare your intentions publicly or to a team of colleagues. Mark Zuckerberg has publicly declared to read books, running miles and creating AI for help at home. Undertake a paid assignment or tell a family member who is willing to nag you. I tell my important goals to my mother and then there is no end to continuous annoying(read badgering) until I achieve them, works like a charm. #BecomeAccountable.
  • **Use the Daemon Thread Start on a project as soon as it’s assigned or within an hour, especially the difficult ones and come back to it every day even if it’s for a little bit of time. This would introduce you to the hidden power of your brain, The Daemon Thread.Once your brain starts working on a problem, it doesn’t stop. If you get your mind wrapped around a problem with a fair bit of time left to solve it, the brain will solve the problem subconsciously over time and one day you’ll sit down to do some more work on it and the answer will be right in front of you. #StartandRestart
  • Expect and Proceed We are mere human beings and bound to waver. There would always be some friends who would call for movies or some amazing game on TV. Decide what will do if such situation arises. Take a pre-decision for yourself and once the situation arrives you would be ready for it. #ExpectAndPrepare
  • Will Power We have Will power only in limited quantities. It gets used up every time we say no to our natural response and choose the difficult option. It can get replenished with food, good night sleep. When its low you can do only what you really want to do. So do not make your willpower work over time. Craft your environment free of distractions, Keep work and play area seperate, while working log off from social media,turn off notifications and take scheduled e-breaks. #UseResourcesWisely

Good part is we don’t have to change 100 % at once and start doing all the tasks from now onwards without procrastinating ,because it’ s not going to happen. We are capable of change but slowly may be 1% at a time or .01% at a time. Important is to start it, one difficult task in a week without procrastination and we build on that.

Have I become a complete non-procrastinator, answer would be No. I still procrastinate my hours away but what I know is I am better than before and for sure upbeat about the future.

What is procrastination? – Quora